Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more?
Check out the bibliography and links.

Is this an academic site?
No. One day when I have time it'd be nice to get it all set up with proper academic references and so on, but at present I'm far too busy. When I started this project I didn't expect there to be anything like this many examples and I'm rather behind on following them all up. There are references next to items where I have them available and I'm trying to fill in the gaps - if you have any references please do let me know.

What use is this site without proper references?
It's a place to start.
If you're looking for evidence of women fighting in a particular time period and a particular location then a name is better than nothing.

You've made a mistake
If you find something on here that's incorrect then please do send me corrections. I try to keep things accurate and feedback helps a lot with that.

Doesn't talking about fighting women ignore the contribution of the majority of soldiers (who were men)?
Well, only in the sense that choosing any specific topic ignores other topics. For example, choosing to write about early Victorian literature isn't generally taken to mean that the writer is denying the importance of late Victorian literature, or indeed of Shakespeare.
If you're interested in the history of fighting men then I'd suggest the Imperial War Museum, the National War Museum (Scotland) and the Royal Armouries might be good places to start.



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