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Combat Lessons

Feast Dancing in castle great hall Musicians combat practice Pastry castle at feast in Year 26 Scroll of Knighthood Feast Hall The cast of 'Chanticleer and the Fox'
Knighting Ceremony Feast Gear Knight in armour Battle Re-enactment graduation ceremony Juggling 16th Century combat at Dirleton Trip to Museum of Scotland
Scroll of Knighthood singers at feast Beowulf Rehearsals Minstrels at Dirleton Scroll for Order of the Scarlet Wyrm Dancing at Feast Picnic at Craigmillar Castle Picnic in Year 28
High Table Picnic at Craigmillar feast, November 2005 Combat practice Hanky Game at Feast Tapestry at Dirleton Castle Musicians
The Knighting of Sir Finn Feast Hall Squiring ceremony Feast Hall sweetmeats Squiring Ceremony at Craigmillar Champion's Tourney Performance of 'The Tempest' at Dirleton Castle
Dirleton picnic combat practice Picnic At Freshers Fair Musicians at St Anthony's Chapel      
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