The Two Roses - by Fides

The blood red rose of Lancaster

The corpse colour rose of York

Both armoured by mornings glory

Crowned each poisined stalk

The rose of passion and hate is red

For the fire within each vein

The rose of lust and murder

To these a prayer flame

The cold translucent beauty

Of re-turned virgin snow

The white rose of false innocence

The foam flecked rivers flow

See the young man lying

On a bed of stone, there nest

The red rose clasped within his hands

Carved, white, upon his breast

A poetry competition was held at the Feast. The lady Fides won the competition with the above poem and was also appointed as Bard to the Court of Albion by the Council of Regents. The lady was apparently unaware of Sir Alastair's Lancastrian heritage when she submitted the poem.

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