The Knighting of Arni Grimmson


I began my military training when my mother, Ragnhild, sent me South to be fostered by Rudgrim the Manxman at Sceaftsige. After my return to Albion, my stepfather, Sir Gunnar, recommended me to Sir Andrew Montgomerie, who took me as his squire in Year Eight of the Realm and taught me many things.
In Year Ten of the Realm of Albion Sir Andrew judged me ready to enter into the brotherhood of Knights. He exhorted me to redouble my efforts to grow a beard and to develop a fitting knightly paunch. I assured him that I would do my utmost. Sir Gunnar spoke up for me and said that I had twice developed the required paunch, only to lose it again thereafter.
On the vigil of my Knighthood, Sir Andrew gathered together Sir Gunnar, Sir Corwyn and Sir Alexander to vouchsafe to me the things that a young knight needs to know. Sir Andrew's wife, the good Lady Anne, had supplied us with victuals to sustain us through the night. We fell to discussing the origins of Chivalry and its nature, and agreed that a knight should be true to his obligations both in obedience to his superiors and in the protection of his vassals.
There was discussion on who was the greatest knight of all. The Knights also taught me many and various ribald tales which are repeated by knights when they meet their fellows, and Sir Corwyn gave sage advice on the dangers of protruding bedsprings.
On the day of my Knighting, Sir Andrew conducted me to the training ground where the Knights and other fighters of the Realm were assembled. Before everyone he said that he judged me worthy to be a knight and placed his sword on my shoulder. Then, saying, "Let this be the last blow you take and do not return" he buffeted me as is traditional, and I became a Knight of the Realm of Perfidious Albion.

vigil - this means the day before an event or feast (see Marguerite von Helfenstein's article "On the Reckoning of Time"), rather than a vigil in the modern sense.
buffet - a blow given as part of the ceremony of knighting.

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