Arabian Feast

by Ingrad of Y'Ddraig

In October of year VIII a Feast was held at the Court of Albion. The Herald, Lucrezia, gave a lengthy, informative and prohibitive introduction to the event, explaining the etiquette of the feast.

The Council paraded in and were introduced to the Populace, and the Lady Albion lighted the symbolic candle of the Realm. She then handed out a cloven fruit to visitors who had traveled from Caer Caledon for the event.

Aelfroth, a worthy merchant, had set up outside the Hall selling a sweet mead, and did a good trade, particularly with the visitors. Lady Magdelene's kitchen provided us with many good vittels, and were highly praised. The chicken, and the stewed apple with ginger sauce were my particular favorites.

Lady Julian Percy entertained the Court with a mysterious Eastern dance the like of which I had never seen. Most of the audience were struck dumb by the beauty and grace of the dance and the dancer. Many gentles had expressions of rapturous wonder on their faces as they watched.

Corwyn inspired and delighted all by telling the tales of Thor's visit to Jotunheim and of Achilles and Patrocles. There was also some excellent singing and harping from the ladies of the Realm. Between courses of food there was dancing for those who had not already over indulged on food or mead, and various diverting games were played.

The young lady Lettice Saunders took her duties as hostess seriously, and occupied herself with entertaining me mightily for some considerable time in a game involving a representation of the Saunders heraldic emblem, the elephant.

At the end of the Feast, myself and the visitors from Caer Caledon retired to my abode where we continued merrymaking and mead consumption for several hours. The night was greatly enjoyed by all.

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