From a Hungarian Farmer's Almanac 1674

found by Aliss the Mad


January: The housewife should be careful not to let her chickens get fat because they won't lay eggs. You can tell that they are fat because they cluck too much. You have to seal the entrance of the beehives before snow falls because the bees get snow blindness. The lakes which have fish must have holes made in them daily after the lake freezes, so the fish won't suffocate.

February: Every fifth day you have to give kiln-dried beans to peacocks to make sure they will lay eggs speedily enough.

March: Put three goose eggs under the stork and when they hatch take them away from the stork. You can catch crabs with frog's legs, and fish with your hands if you smear your feet and legs with a mixture of melted game grease and honey.

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