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University based Societies

Perfidious Albion at Edinburgh University
Shire Of Caer Caledon at St Andrews University, Fife.

UK Re-enactment Societies

Lothene is based in Edinburgh and focuses on the 16th Century in Scotland.
PA members are generally invited to Lothene workshops and trips.

Sealed Knot recreates the English Civil War.

The Vikings recreates the Viking age... obviously
... as does Regia Anglorum

Listing of UK medieval re-enactment Societies

Useful Resources

Elizabethan Costuming
Early Medieval Costume Patterns
Early Anglo Saxon Costume
Early Medieval Leather Work
Early Medieval Embroidery
Call To Arms
Medieval Europe
Medieval Women
Women as Warriors
People of Medieval Scotland 1093-1314


Historic Scotland
Royal Commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland

Map of Edinburgh in 1582

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