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Knights and Squires of Perfidious Albion

Membership of The Order of the Scarlet Wyrm is given to fighters who attend combat practice diligently and demonstrate a reasonable level of skill.
Knighthood is awarded to fighters who demonstrate a high level of skill at combat as well as a chivalric attitude.
Knights use the title Sir (or Lady, if appropriate)
The Knights of the Realm, a most noble and valiant band, protect and police the Realm and hold castles at strategic points.
The disposition of lands and castles in the Realm is:

Sir Alastair's arms Sir Alastair Saunders
Master at Arms
Dirleton Castle
Sir Gunnar's arms also known as
Sir Gunnar Tormundson
Sir Alexander's arms Sir Alexander Wallace
also known as Sir Atli Afstudalur
Craigmillar Castle
(formerly squire to Sir Gunnar)
Sir Alastair's arms Lady Magdelene Saunders
Crighton Castle
(formerly squire to Sir Andrew)
Lady Ragnhild's arms
also known as
Sir Arni Grimsson
Lady Ragnhild Askillsdottir
Lady Ragnhild's arms Sir Finn Gunnarsson
no castle assigned yet
(formerly squire to Sir Gunnar)
Sir John Lyon
Aberdour Castle
(formerly squire to Sir Gunnar)
Sir James Allanson of Carlyle
Thirlwall Castle
(formerly squire to Lady Magdelene)
Sir Charles
no castle assigned yet

To protect and defend the Realm and to make up for any losses on the battle field, Knights train Squires in the arts, virtues and honours of knighthood.
Anyone wishing to become a squire should approach either the knight of their choice or the Master at Arms. Squires need not already be Members of the Order of the Scarlet Wyrm.

Squires :
Benedict Saunders - squire to Sir James
Aengus Óg mac Dhòmhnaill nan Eilean - squire to Sir Charles

These valiant warriors can be seen practising their noble calling on the Meadows on Sunday afternoons.

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